Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My New Love - Singapore's "Black and White" Homes

My family has just been relocated to Singapore thanks to my husband's work. 
And with my arrival comes my current obsession - Singapore's infamous "Black & Whites".
I look down on some from my balcony, I glimpse them from the car, I walk past them and sneak peaks through their magnificent gates, I see them in the local interior magazines..... and I'm smitten!
Apparently tours are run here so I might be able to see inside one - one day very soon.

Julian Davison in his book "Black and White: The Singapore House 1898-1941" explains how these homes are still a distinctive element in Singapore's architectural heritage.
They were built while Singapore was a colony under the rule of the British Empire in the 19th century for the wealthy expatriates who sought spacious and airy homes for their families. Their style incorporated elements of UK's Arts and Crafts and Art Deco movements. 

Sadly there are fewer than 250 left now and are highly sought after. You can only rent them from the Singapore Land Authority many for up to $35,000 a month.  You are responsible for all repairs or renovations during your lease.

But aren't they divine....

Many have been beautifully renovated.

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