Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thursday's Little Find

A gorgeous cottage in Dordogne, France.
I love the little pops of colour against the white, the open 
space and the undeniable charm of this place.
Yes Hege it is exactly as you described "Dreamy".
Hege is a Norwegian living in France and her blog Hege in France 
is filled with many more beautiful homes like this.

{Source: Hege in France }

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Three Great Aussie Style Loves

Having just celebrated our Australia Day a few days ago, 
I thought it might be nice to share a few of my favourite Aussie brands with you.
Hope you enjoy XX

Number 1
"I want to bring fashion and fine jewellery together"

Claire lives and works by the beach in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. 
As her website points out, she has offices in both Sydney and London 
and loves to travel the world in search of rare, beautiful gems and inspiration. 

I just love her jewellery. It is so feminine, simple and pretty.
How cute are these little bracelets for example and I adore her stacking rings.....
the colours are just beautiful.
It's definitely worth looking at her Instagram account as she's constantly 
posting gorgeous pics of her designs.

Number 2
Sam Wagner is the director and designer behind the brand which launched in Australia in 1996.
The ballet flats are indeed a big part of Sambag's success and each season 
they are presented in a range of prints, colours and fabrics that never disappoint.
However their sandals, boots, clothing and bags are equally as covetable and are 
always finding their way into my cupboard...
Sambag is always comfortable, fun, stylish and affordable.
A firm favourite of mine for sure.

Love these navy boots

Huge range of ballet flats

Gorgeous colours and fabric


Number 3
This Australian female fashion label is the creation of Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton.
It's known to have been worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, 
and more recently Madonna and Beyonce.

There's a great story from 2002 when the girls happened to be in New York where Sarah Jessica Parker was filming a scene for Sex and the City. Sarah-Jane Clarke was wearing a self styled denim jacket and handed it to a security guard to give to Sarah Jessica Parker. The next day the girls were invited to Sarah Jessica Parker's trailer to show their designs. 
As a result they ended up making a few one off pieces for Sex and the City and the subsequent publicity from this really helped them launch their brand onto the international stage.

I just think their clothing is bold, cool and fun :)

The girls behind the label

Beautiful London Home

Love the charm of this mid-19th century home in London.
Beautiful mix of old and new.

{Source: 79Ideas}

Monday, 28 January 2013

New England Interior

How beautiful is this home.
I love the colour palette, the upholstery and the details, the lighting - it all comes together beautifully.

{Source: here}
{Spotted on: Studio Karin}

Sunday, 27 January 2013

At Home with Swedish Designer Filippa K

I'm absolutely smitten with the gorgeous
Stockholm apartment of Swedish designer, Filippa Knutsson 
who founded the label Filippa K in 1999.
(It's also for sale for $US3.7million here....if you are interested :) )

Have a look at her Paris apartment here
It's a completely different style again but just as beautiful.

{Source:  Nordic Design}
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