Friday, 18 May 2012

I Quit Sugar Cookbook. A Must Read.

I have only had a glimpse through these recipes of Sarah Wilson's newly launched 
 I Quit Sugar e-book but they look delicious, I want to know more!

I wasn't aware that sugar is one of the worst things, if not the worst, that we can eat and feed our children.... 
How very depressing.

The more I am learning about sugar the more I am starting to rethink my and my family's diet. Healthy eating is so important. These recipes are equally delicious and interesting as any sweet served in my house. I am interested to learn more. I will download this book and start taking some steps towards change....

Link through to Sarah's website to read more. I'm listening to her.....

This book includes:
sweet snack substitutes
deserts and sweet treats that use safe sweeteners
Breakfast Ideas: for kids and adults alike
kids treats

(Feeling a bit guilty now about our crepes and ice cream breakfast)

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